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Both Chinese and American embassies issued Christmas and new year safety reminders. On the 24th, security measures were strengthened on the streets of Beijing

[Global Times fan Lingzhi] its structural performance fully conforms to the requirements of the experimental specifications. From Figure 1, we can see that Christmas and the new year are approaching. The Chinese Embassy in the United States issued a security reminder to overseas Chinese in the United States on the 24th, saying that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently issued an early warning that the public should be vigilant in the current anti-terrorism situation. To this end, the Embassy in the United States listed some precautions, including paying close attention to the safety information released by the U.S. authorities, and trying to avoid going to areas with sparse population, poor security or potential safety hazards

the U.S. Embassy in China also issued a notice on the 24th, saying that "we have received information that a large amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds) is contained in the North paint during Christmas. Threats against western people may occur in the Beijing Sanlitun area. It is strongly recommended that U.S. citizens remain vigilant. The U.S. embassy has issued the same advice to U.S. government personnel". The staff of the US Embassy told the global times on the 24th that it was inconvenient to disclose the source of the above information and more details. He said that issuing early warning is one of the important responsibilities of the U.S. Embassy, which must ensure the safety of American citizens. According to Hong Kong business radio 24, the British and French embassies in China also issued similar safety warnings on the same day

in addition, the official Weibo of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau announced on the 24th that "yellow warning was launched in large and medium-sized shopping malls and supermarkets in the city, and all security work was done to ensure good social order"

Wang Yiwei, a professor at the school of international relations of Renmin University of China, said in an interview with the global times on the 24th that it is normal for embassies abroad to issue security warnings to their citizens in areas where attacks, wars or epidemics may occur, and the notification of foreign embassies in China can also enhance the awareness of Chinese people. He said that during Christmas and new year, the concentration of people and potential threats are a problem faced by countries all over the world

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