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China's aluminum cans capacity expansion trend

with the development of the beverage packaging market, China's all aluminum cans manufacturing industry has shown a trend of capacity expansion. According to statistics, China's existing large-scale all aluminum packaging can enterprises are expanding

after the acquisition of Zhangzhou international aluminum container Co., Ltd., the seven members of the studio have begun to expand, reducing the thickness of the tank material from 0.3mm to 0.28mm. It is planned to be completed and put into operation next autumn, with the production capacity increased to 500million/a, an increase of 100%. Beijing Pacific can manufacturing company is also building a new production line with a capacity of 500million/a, which will also be put into operation in the third quarter of next year

Jianlibao group is building a thin tank (100ml-250ml) production line in Sanshui, with a production capacity of 300million/a; Baoyi can making company affiliated to Baosteel is building a steel cans factory with a production capacity of 500million/a in Zunhua city

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