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Inventory of digital printing machines used in the field of packaging and printing (I)

in order to help packaging and printing enterprises cope with market demand and find new profit growth points, various printing equipment manufacturers are competing to develop digital printing machines with their own advantages. At present, many internationally renowned manufacturers have launched digital printing systems for the packaging and printing industry, and have achieved certain success

hp indigopress WS2000/ws4000 digital printer

after successfully acquiring indigo, HP has become an important supplier of color digital printing systems worldwide by virtue of its technology and product advantages. Among them, the sensor of H data tensile testing machine: the accuracy and linearity of the sensor directly determine the accuracy and stability of the test data of the welding strip yield strength tensile testing machine. P indigopress WS2000 and ws4000 digital printers can be used for the printing of various labels and packaging products

basic web label printer HP indigopress WS2000 can print 6 colors at a printing speed of 437 meters/hour (4 colors), which can be used for proofing or small batch label printing. HP indigopress ws4000, a professional web label printer, is based on the latest HP laser imaging technology. It can print up to 7 colors with a printing speed of 1000 meters per hour (4 colors). It can be used for large batch label printing. The advantages of digital packaging and label printing scheme for packaging and printing enterprises mainly include the following points

(1) realize the consideration of long and short versions, and expand the business scope

(2) there can be at most one exception to 7-color printing, which is especially suitable for label and packaging printing with spot color and special color requirements, such as enterprise spot color or anti-counterfeiting spot color, etc

(3) improve the anti-counterfeiting function. Spot color printing, microfilm printing, UV ink printing, monochrome or color personalized variable information printing, digital watermarking, bar code and stereo image printing and any combination of the above methods enhance the high-tech content and anti-counterfeiting function of labels and packaging

(4) exquisite printing quality. The high-precision image up to 2400dpi and 230 lines/inch ensures that the label and packaging are particularly exquisite, and the patented electronic ink makes the printed image more sharp. This paper introduces the improvement of the calibration device of the horizontal tensile testing machine, which is clear, without virtual edges and diffusion, and can ensure the long-term color of the label and packaging

(5) the variable data part adopts UV printing, ink printing and other methods, which can not only meet the needs of checking whether the personalized printing of experimental samples can be firmly fixed, but also realize tracking and counting. Anti counterfeiting and other functions to meet the changing needs of the label and packaging market

(6) a wide range of substrates, including coated paper, offset paper and self-adhesive paper. Special paper. PVC and other plastic films can be printed

at present, HP indigopress WS2000 and press ws4000 digital printers have been widely used in the packaging and label printing of daily chemical, it, food, medicine, tobacco and alcohol products, such as pampers, Nestle, kraft, dove, Colgate, Unilever, Siemens and other foreign brand products, Guangdong Midea, Guangdong Lafang, Jiangsu Yanghe, Sichuan Taiji. Packaging and labeling of domestic brand products such as Moutai in Guizhou and ziyunshan in Guangzhou

Xeikon dcp320s, dcp500sp and dcp500sf

Xeikon's proprietary magnetic particle imaging technology, high-quality hanging technology, powerful color generation tools and accurate registration control are the basis to ensure the excellent printing quality of Xeikon digital printing machine. The color digital printing machines launched by Xeikon in the field of label and packaging printing mainly include dcp320s, dcp500sp and dcp500sf

xeikondcp320s digital printer is mainly used for label printing, with a printing speed of 430 meters/small salary. It can handle a variety of substrates, such as ordinary paper, offset paper, synthetic paper, special paper, PP, pet, etc., and the thickness of substrate is 20200 m; There is a special paper feeding equipment, with a maximum width of 330mm; Printing image resolution 600dpi, excellent quality

xeikon DCP 500sp digital printer is mainly used for printing folding cartons, paper cups and liquid packaging. The printing speed is 630 sheets/hour and the resolution is 600dpi. Odyssey company, which specializes in digital printing business, has many digital printing machines for packaging production, including one Xeikon dcp500sp for printing small batch folding cartons. At present, the company has established digital printing business in short version CD, DVD packaging and short version special packaging

Xeikon dcp500sf is a color digital printing machine specially designed for the plastic film printing market, which can be called the digital pioneer of flexible packaging printing. Transparent film can be printed in 5 colors, one of which is used for white ink backing; The maximum width of the substrate is 500mm; With unique imaging technology, the image output accuracy is high, and the image effect of 600dpi is equivalent to 2400dpi. Dcp500sf is flexible in application. When the market changes, packaging and printing enterprises can adjust the product structure as quickly as possible, seize business opportunities, and succeed in the market competition

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