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Digital printing has unlimited potential in the carton Market

"We are taking active measures to crack down on fake and shoddy products. Menasha display group is committed to providing support for the pop market. The company continues to innovate and always relies on the latest technology. The reason why they choose digital printing technology is because they see that the whole world is developing in the direction of Digitalization, which is the general trend. For large commodity suppliers and consumer goods companies, they want to market quarterman said:" We subdivide the industrial waste that is supposed to enter the landfill into smaller and more regional regeneration sites, so digital printing is their inevitable choice. When only 1 ~ 500 exhibits are produced, it is very uneconomical to use the traditional printing method. If the digital printing method is used, high-quality products can be obtained at a reasonable price because there is no need for film, printing plate and mold

the company now has two CORjet digital printing machines. The plastic consumption of each vehicle has increased from 100 ~ 130kg in the 1990s to 152kg in 2004 and 174kg in 2006. It can be printed directly on corrugated cardboard. Whether to choose ball screw or trapezoidal screw? Brush before making a decision. The maximum format is 63 inches x 102 inches. It is printed in six colors (in addition to yellow, magenta, cyan and black, there are also light cyan and light magenta). For Menasha, the success of digital printing begins with experienced operators and good workflow. The integration of new digital printing equipment into the existing workflow system is the basis for the success of Menasha company

Odyssey digital printing company is a company specializing in digital printing business. The company has many digital printing machines for packaging production: two xsikon printing machines; 2 Heidelberg speedpa Di printers; Three large format inkjet printers (two from OSI and one from vutek). In 2001, the company decided to purchase a Xeikon nbsp because three customers needed to print small batches of folding cartons, and Xeikon 50D could not print thick cardboard; 50spsimplsx digital printing machine to meet the new market demand

when they decided to enter the packaging field, Xeikon 50sp simplex was their preferred equipment, because compared with other digital printing machines, it can handle larger sheet fed paper, although its cost is indeed much higher. At present, the company has established digital printing business in short version CD and DVD packaging, short version personalized golf boxes and short version special packaging products such as food packaging, and the demand is increasing

since the printing volume of live parts using digital printing is relatively small, the post-processing setting must be very simple. If there are only 200 live parts, you cannot set the die-cutting machine and box pasting machine according to the requirements of 1000 parts

odyssey's die-cutting machine for medium and long version is the circular die-cutting machine of preco, which uses the optical principle to read the registration mark on the printed matter and can replace a set of die-cutting plates in only two minutes. This flexibility is very necessary for live parts with small batch and fast version change

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