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There is still resistance in China's digital printing market

digital printing refers to a new printing process that inputs all kinds of originals (text, images, electronic documents, network documents) into the computer for processing, and directly transmits them to the C, m, y, K four-color digital printing machine through the optical fiber network or directly carries out color separation and plate making without going through the processes and time of electronic film output, film development, proofing, PS plate drying, etc. At present, it can be roughly divided into two categories: truedigital color press and digital offset printing press (also known as on press imaging system)

what is the difference between digital printing and traditional printing? Traditional printing is strictly arranged according to the order of pre press, printing, post press and storage and transportation in the sales link, while digital printing is a new production mode based on "digital process + digital media/high-density storage + network transmission". That is, traditional printing is "production and then sales", while digital printing is "sales and then production". Digital printing can carry out printing business at any time, at any place and in any quantity; The color digital printing system can print from one sheet to realize the printing of variable data. The image or text on each page can change continuously in one printing, which has greater flexibility, smaller floor area and more convenient use

in the digital printing system, there are two key technologies, one is rip, and the other is the digital printing machine itself. Digital printing machine is actually a high-speed hard copy conversion system, which is responsible for the high-speed conversion of digital pages into color hard copies, that is, printed matter. The latest HP indigo digital printing machine to be launched in Beijing is a product with the most high-end digital printing technology at present

great advantages of digital printing

with the development of packaging and printing market demand, the printing industry will face requirements from users, such as stricter delivery time, better and more consistent color quality, ball screw quantity, shorter printing cycle, and more personalized services for users. Packaging and printing users increasingly hope to personalize their publications, more effectively attract customers in different regions and markets, as well as the author's last-minute changes before printing, so as to effectively meet the special requirements of customers. Only digital printing can do this

digital printing can accept the output printing of computer files, and first process general documents and images on the computer, and then output printing. Moreover, the data source of digital printing can be obtained directly from the Internet. Customers transmit their graphic information to be printed to their satisfactory printing professional company through the Internet, and the printing professional company will carry out various processing, Then the proofing effect is transmitted to the customer through the Internet. If the customer is satisfied, it can be directly printed on the machine. Digital printing does not have high requirements for documents. It can accept various formats of MAC and PC files that many designers of advertising companies like to use at present, and it is more convenient and faster to receive and process remote PDF data information, which fully reflects the convenience of digital printing

after receiving the computer files satisfactory to customers, digital printing can generate PS files through rapid software and hardware rip for direct printing; It can also be divided into four-color films directly through the electric separation system, and then printed with a printing plate by an ordinary printing machine after printing. Digital printing usually produces one or two samples of a printed matter. After the standard test strip is tested and debugged, the finished product can be printed. The defects that customers are not satisfied with can be directly modified, which is convenient and timely. Compared with the traditional printing process, including the output of electronic segmentation, proofing, plate making, PS plate drying, machine operation and other processes, it greatly saves time and reduces some production costs. Printed matter that can only be delivered in threeorfour days can be delivered in a few hours

in the field of packaging and printing, digital printing mainly has the following applications: product test packaging, small batch standard boxes and customized packaging with special requirements. In small batch standard boxes and packages with special requirements customized by users, digital printing will have a very good market development space

the application in Europe and the United States is very successful

in contrast to the indifference of the domestic packaging field to digital printing, digital printing has attracted great attention in Europe and the United States and other developed countries. In many European and American countries, digital printing is increasingly used in the field of packaging. Even though its cost is still relatively expensive, it is gradually taking shape

in European and American countries, digital printing is entering the packaging field in different ways. For example, digital printing is being combined with other processes, including traditional flexo printing and glazing. Prestige label Co., Ltd. entered the field of digital printing because they believe that most of the business of label printing will eventually be realized through digitalization. Later, they purchased an HP indigo ws4000 digital printing machine, which further expanded the production capacity. The machine has a wide range of printing materials and can print seven colors on paper, film, aluminum foil and cardboard. Digital printing makes prestige more competitive in the field of short label printing. Due to variable data printing, the production cycle is shortened, and the company can provide customers with faster and more services. Digital printing enhances the competitiveness of the company at different levels in the existing market

innovative creative packagingsolutions' core business is to provide folding cartons for the pharmaceutical and health care products industry. The company decided to enter the field of digital printing because it realized that the traditional printing method could not meet the new needs of customers. They chose hpindigow S4000 because it can output high-quality labels on demand and has many other unique functions. Ws4000 enables the company to combine the medium and short version business with spot color, anti-counterfeiting, image change, counting and personalization. In addition to better serving old customers, the multi-function and cost saving characteristics of the new technology make the company more competitive, so as to further penetrate into some new target markets

in the past five years, print pack, a large packaging and printing company headquartered in Atlanta, USA, has been continuously purchasing digital prepress equipment. At present, the degree of digital operation has reached 85% to 95%. As the company mainly prints long version works, when customers request to print short version works, the company adopts the method of maintaining the highest strength and rigidity of thermoplastic materials at up to 275 ° C, and cooperates with Waston, another full digital printing company. Waston recently installed an omnius one shot color digital printer. With this computer direct printing system, the delivery time is short and the printing cost is much lower than that of flexographic printing

it is estimated that from 2006 to 2010, most printing enterprises will turn to digital color printing. An executive of Heidelberg company predicted that in the United States, digital color printing machines will grow at a rate of 30% per year, and the total market volume will reach US $46billion by 2008

the development of digital printing in China is slow.

as one of the leaders of domestic IT enterprises, Beijing Founder is leading the trend of digitalization and networking of printing in China. Founder Electronics has always focused on typesetting. With excellent functions, the grid image processor (RIP) and digital workflow independently developed by the company have successfully entered the international market, including Europe and the United States. With more than ten years of printing and publishing technology and accumulated experience, founder electronics has condensed into a full series of printing products, including Feiteng integrated typesetting software, founder century rip, founder font library, founder photo digital proofing software, database publishing software, Yinjie digital printing system, Changliu printing process management system, etc. Now, founder of Peking University and Fuji company are working together to provide new commercial CTP solutions for domestic excellent printing enterprises, combined with the successful application experience of founder Changliu Chinese printing workflow in dozens of well-known enterprises in China

founder has accumulated advantageous technology in the publishing and printing industry for many years. In November 2001, founder launched the Changliu printing process management system. Founder Changliu covers all products and technologies in the prepress output link, fully adopts the industry standard open format, uses the most advanced database and Internet technology, and adopts the international open PDF technology and JDF specification, which plays an important role in founder's product strategy. As another pulse intermittent conditioning management system, founder Changliu printing process fully meets the new needs of users in the network era. It is a perfect, efficient, stable, reliable and flexible digital workflow management system. This product has won 8 out of 10 projects in the international Seybold PDF printing workflow (output stage) competition, and has a strong momentum in China. In just three years, it has been accepted and recognized by many customers

although China's digital printing technology has made some progress, and relevant people have been calling for the development of digital printing, the application and promotion of digital printing in China is still quite slow. Digital printing machine has also become a hot spot in the market for several times, but its application is still stagnant, and most of the digital printing equipment is still in the experimental and trial stage. At present, only economically developed cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the eastern coast have a certain demand, while the demand in economically underdeveloped areas in the mainland is very small. The high price of digital printing machine makes many users flinch. According to the service cycle of printing machines, the printing machines of many Chinese manufacturers have not been replaced for more than ten years in Europe, which takes five to seven years, and in the United States, which takes about four years. Adding new equipment when the old machine can be used, and the profit return can't be seen in the short term, the printing manufacturers are a little reluctant. Now the cycle of technology update is getting shorter and shorter. The equipment invested with a large amount of money today is likely to have lower cost products out of the cage soon, so the printing manufacturers are worried that they will spend money wrongly

the slow development of digital printing is also related to people's ideas. For printing practitioners, traditional printers are bound by inherent concepts and have doubts about this emerging form of printing. For ordinary users, for a long time, due to the influence of traditional printing concepts, most people have formed deep-rooted ideas about printing, thinking that printing can only do large quantities of business, without knowing that the development of printing technology has already made on-demand printing a reality. Users do not have a full understanding of digital printing. Those who invest first do not return well because of insufficient living resources, and their successors also retreat from difficulties and are not optimistic about digital printing. At the same time, because the number of digital printing enterprises in China is small, and most of them are small, they are unable to invest too much money in publicity, which also leads to the fact that digital printing cannot be known, familiar and accepted by everyone for a time

promote the development of digital printing

the role of digital printing in the future packaging printing will be beyond doubt. Digital printing will provide ideal solutions for companies that require to reduce production costs but cannot reduce quality. Digital printing will also play a greater role in label printing, but speed is still a major determinant

the key to developing a new digital printing market is the printing speed. Generally speaking, the speed of digital printing machine

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