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2018 International Summit on artificial intelligence was held in Beijing. Chinese and American celebrities talked about the development of ai+ manufacturing

in the afternoon of July 13, 2018, it was hosted by electronic city group and Lenovo holdings, and jointly hosted by Lenovo star comet labs and Chuang e+, "A finally, nickel/graphene coated polyurethane sponge flexible strain sensor I + manufacturing was prepared by flexible polymer packaging" - the international exchange summit of artificial intelligence project was held in Chuang e+ Jiuxianqiao community. The purpose of this meeting is to build an exchange and docking platform for international cutting-edge science and technology projects, and bring overseas AI and other innovative projects into China. It is expected that the international cutting-edge AI technology and Chinese enterprises will conduct in-depth discussions on industrial intelligence and automation upgrading, manufacturing, investment and other aspects, and explore the possibility of establishing partnerships and landing in the Chinese market, so as to finally help the optimization and upgrading of domestic traditional industries, Strengthen the incubation capacity of domestic high-quality small and medium-sized micro technology enterprises, and promote the transformation of domestic and foreign high-end science and technology and cutting-edge technological achievements

Gongxiaoqing, President of electronic city group, said in his speech that the development of China's economy in recent years has shown two characteristics on the whole: on the one hand, the rapid and vigorous development of Internet, which represents the digital economy, has made China highlight its vitality in the global market and created an Internet company comparable to the United States; On the other hand, the manufacturing industry, which represents the real economy, is showing a certain degree of fatigue, with problems such as rising costs and declining benefits lingering. How to boost the manufacturing industry has become a growing concern throughout the country. As an enterprise with more than 20 years of experience in the development and operation of industrial parks, electronic city group has deep feelings about this phenomenon. The electronic city park has gathered many domestic emerging Internet giant enterprises, such as 58 group, Qihoo 360, etc. at the same time, there are also a large number of world 500 mandatory manufacturing enterprises, such as abb transmission, Samsung, etc. "Our products have experienced R & D enterprises, high-tech and innovative industry enterprises all the way from service-oriented enterprises at first. Now, we have fully entered the field of scientific and technological services. In the new era and new environment, teknor apex and FGH systems have improved a number of technologies in their cooperation for many years. We continue to innovate and develop, leading the industry forward. We have been committed to promoting the interaction and exchange between enterprises and promoting Beijing The construction of international innovation centers will help transform and upgrade traditional industries. Through this meeting, we hope to comprehensively help the prosperity and development of the domestic AI industry "

Electronic City Group is a leading domestic technology service brand enterprise, an established enterprise in the construction and operation of China's science and technology industrial parks, and one of the" best innovative operation enterprises in industrial parks "in China. Over the years, based in Beijing and radiating across the country, E-City group has launched and developed nearly 20 science and technology innovation park projects in Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Yunnan, Fujian, Jiangsu and other places, covering the business of "high-tech Industrial Park", "Innovation Park", cultural and Creative Industrial Park, "new industry city integration" and other sectors. The total scale of the project has exceeded 7 million square meters, There are more than 1000 customers in total

nowadays, the era of AI enabled manufacturing has arrived. Worldwide, a large amount of capital has poured into the field of artificial intelligence. At the same time, more and more enterprises are beginning to install smart sensors that can be connected, enable cloud computing based algorithms to improve running time, speed and output, and lay the foundation for building smart factories. In the past few years, the Chinese government has also actively deployed advanced manufacturing and artificial intelligence technology to vigorously promote industrial upgrading. However, although the application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing has broad prospects, it still needs to study clear and feasible methods to produce scale benefits from concept to implementation

Wang Mingyao, general manager and managing partner of Lenovo star, introduced in his speech that the manufacturing industry has a global common professional language and also faces common pain points and upgrading needs. Cross border cooperation and innovative technology require on-site experience exchange to tap the value of new applications. Such as the transportation of factory materials, the collection of basic factory operation data, the elastic layout of manipulator, the application of machine vision in the detection link, and so on, are all popular directions. "Today, Lenovo star comet labs has brought several American companies applying AI in the industrial field to China. These companies have reached the industry-leading level in their respective fields and began to try to expand the Chinese market."

as the early investment and incubation sector of Lenovo holdings, Lenovo star is rooted in Lenovo's more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience and resource accumulation, providing entrepreneurs with angel investment + deep incubation services, and becoming the "super angel" around entrepreneurs. Comet labs is an early venture capital fund of Lenovo star in the United States. It is gradually bringing back to China the cutting-edge technology projects it has invested and cooperated in the United States, with a view to helping these projects land in China and helping Chinese industrial enterprises realize technological transformation and upgrading with partners. Comet labs was established by Lenovo star in Silicon Valley in 2015, focusing on the investment of early cutting-edge technology projects in the United States. So far, Lenovo star comet labs has invested in 42 projects, of which 22 projects have obtained the next round of financing, and two projects have been successfully acquired. At present, the enterprises that have been invested are mainly the combination of artificial intelligence and industries such as industry, agriculture, retail, health care, health care, transportation and logistics. Today, Lenovo star comet labs not only helps them implement the technology implementation plan, but also begins to help them find suitable enterprise partners in the Chinese market and explore more application scenarios

in the theme discussion session of the conference, the guests exchanged and discussed "the differences and integration of intelligent manufacturing development between China and the United States". It is generally believed that the era of AI enabled manufacturing has arrived. Worldwide, a large amount of capital has poured into the field of artificial intelligence. Increasingly complex algorithms, increasingly powerful computers, a surge of data and improved data storage performance indicate that the capabilities of artificial intelligence systems will achieve a qualitative leap in the near future. At the same time, more and more enterprises are beginning to install smart sensors that can be connected, enable cloud computing based algorithms to improve running time, speed and output, and lay the foundation for building smart factories

in fact, the problem of manufacturing industry has become a global topic in recent years, attracting the attention of more and more countries. Among them, the United States and Germany, as representatives, realized earlier that the significance of this digital revolution ignited by the Internet, not only lies in the consumer market, but also should inject energy into the country's economic lifeline - manufacturing industry. Therefore, the United States released the concept system and national strategy of industrial interconnection and Germany released industry 4.0, which is to encourage and promote the whole market from a national perspective and occupy the commanding height of the next generation manufacturing ecosystem with the help of digitalization

as the "world factory" today, the transformation of manufacturing industry is of great importance to the future of our country. The timely launch of national strategies such as intelligent manufacturing development plan and intelligent manufacturing 2025 has provided guidance on the direction and framework for the whole country and industry; At the same time, enterprises in the manufacturing industry are also taking positive actions. More and more enterprises have begun to explore the application of new technologies such as IOT, big data and intelligent robots in the manufacturing field, and explore the path of intelligent upgrading of the manufacturing industry

the application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing is full of challenges, but the potential benefits are huge. It can help enterprises find the best solution, deal with problems and create value. At present, AI and other disruptive technologies are mainly concentrated in the consumption field. In order to truly reshape China's economy with scientific and technological innovation, the large-scale application of AI technology in the industrial field and among enterprises is more critical. In this process, how the manufacturing industry can effectively use the accumulated resources and new technology experience of interconnection and accelerate the process of intelligent transformation has become a key issue that we need to care about

gongxiaoqing, vice chairman and President of electronic city group, lianerxue, these are those who need time, energy and capital. Ning min, senior vice president and chief financial officer of Lenovo holdings, Wang Mingyao, general manager and managing partner of Lenovo star, Lucas Wang, American business partner of Lenovo star comet labs, Zhang Nan, vice president of electronic city group, Ji Chaofeng, managing director of Asset Management Department of Lenovo holdings, Yang Xia, general manager of Chuang e+, Representatives of American AI technology enterprises Nils alstad, vice president of sales and supply chain of canvas technology, Benjamin Gibbs, CEO of ready robotics, Andrew Scheuermann, CEO of arch systems, Bob Nunn, CEO of psiick, Gal Shaul, co-founder and CTO of August, as well as enterprises under Beijing electric control group, such as CIC joint control, Zhaowei group, Siemens China, DAHAO technology, Beijing Guangzhou group, Hony capital, Junlian capital, Canon medical A total of more than 100 people attended the meeting, including cooperative enterprises of E-City group, member enterprises of Chaoyang District headquarters enterprise Federation, member enterprise representatives of Zhongguancun private science and Technology Enterprise Association, government departments such as Zhongguancun Chaoyang Park Management Committee and Tianjin Xiqing District Management Committee, as well as a number of media

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