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2018 national intelligent industry summit opened in Qingdao

on the morning of February 2, 2018 national intelligent industry summit with the theme of intelligence, which not only reflects parameter industries and the future world: trends, technologies and challenges, was grandly opened in zijingyuan Hotel, Qingdao high tech Zone. The summit was hosted by China Automation Society and China artificial intelligence industry development alliance, and hosted by Qingdao Intelligent Industry Technology Research Institute. More than 300 industry leaders from China Association of automation, China artificial intelligence industry development alliance and domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, intelligent industry, investment groups and other related fields attended the summit to discuss the current situation, cutting-edge technology applications and future trends of global artificial intelligence

in his speech, Zheng Nanning, chairman of the Chinese society of automation and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that as the core driving force of the new round of industrial change, artificial intelligence will further release the huge energy accumulated in previous scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes, and create a new powerful engine. This summit will promote the overall process of national intelligent industry starting automation, leapfrogging informatization and moving towards intellectualization, and strengthen the leading and supporting role of intelligent science and technology in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

kangmengzhen, executive vice president of Qingdao Intelligent Industry Technology Research Institute, said in her speech that the "development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence" issued by the State Council has officially incorporated the hybrid enhanced intelligence of parallel management and control, which was first proposed by Professor Wang Feiyue, President of Qingdao intelligent industry technology Research Institute, into the key common technology system of the new generation of artificial intelligence. The expert team of Qingdao intelligent industry technology research institute has been deeply engaged in this field for more than ten years, It has made a series of groundbreaking research achievements, and constantly explored the transformation mode of scientific research achievements, and is committed to providing scientific and technological support and services for the national economic transformation and innovative development. This summit closely follows the pulse of the times, focuses on the hot spots of technology and industry applications, effectively gathers the wisdom and strength of all parties, further strengthens the leading and supporting role of intelligent science and technology in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and makes positive contributions to the realization of the strategic objectives of sustainable development in the new era

zhengjianhua, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and researcher of the Institute of technical security of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, brought the first conference report, "artificial intelligence and information security". Academician Zheng pointed out in the report that, on the one hand, the security construction of artificial intelligence applications needs to be led by the government, in-depth analysis of the security requirements in the construction of artificial intelligence applications, top-level design and safety requirements; It also needs enterprise leadership to establish security standards from the aspects of perception, transmission, analysis collaboration, service control, etc. On the other hand, artificial intelligence has also been more and more applied in the field of network security, and will play an increasingly important role in network security defense and active network strategy in the future

the diversity and complexity of industrial data are growing rapidly at a record rate, and the industrial sector has entered the era of big data. Chinese industry is facing transformation and upgrading, and there is an urgent need to integrate big data into business management and production operations to promote the transformation and upgrading of industry to service-oriented and intelligent. At present, Chinese industry is facing transformation and upgrading, and there is an urgent need to integrate big data into business management and production operations to promote the transformation and upgrading of industry to service-oriented and intelligent. Based on this, he you, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the Institute of information fusion of Naval Aviation University, in the conference report entitled "industrial big data and its application", starting with the definition and current situation of big data, elaborated on the era background, definition, source, characteristics, value, current situation, representative meetings and other concepts and connotations of industrial big data, and described the role of industrial big data in accelerating product innovative design, product fault diagnosis and prediction The applications in 9 aspects, such as wireless network intelligent management and control, mobile big data network deployment, and cases in 3 aspects, such as tires and textiles, analyze and summarize the scientific problems, key technologies, academic research directions and challenges faced by slow sampling speed of industrial big data. Finally, it is pointed out that industrial big data is the core of the new round of industrial revolution and an important starting point for the realization of industry 4.0 and made in China 2025, which will promote enterprises to move from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing

Wang Feiyue, vice president and Secretary General of the Chinese society of automation, researcher of the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of the Qingdao Institute of intelligent industry technology, pointed out in a report titled "intelligent industry in the third axis era". If the agricultural era is the development of the physical world by the first axis civilization, and the industrial era is the development of the second axis world by capitalism, then, The technology represented by artificial intelligence will promote the arrival of a parallel society around the intellectual world. Intelligent technology is not the enemy of human survival and development. As long as it is reasonably used, it will greatly promote the development of human society, just like industry and information technology

with the vigorous development of information and communication technology, the intelligent revolution with artificial intelligence as the core is becoming a new driving force and new engine for industrial transformation and upgrading. Wang Zhiqin, vice president of China Academy of information and communication, mentioned in the report entitled "Research on key technologies and industries of artificial intelligence". At the same time, Professor Wang also made an in-depth interpretation of the development process of AI technology, the key factors of the rise of this round and the current development status of AI related industries from the perspective of key AI technologies in the report, and hoped to work with all parties in the industry to jointly promote the development of China's AI industry

Yang Tianju, executive director of the small city professional committee of the China Association of mayors and chairman of Pan China group, brought us a report titled "research and Practice on the development of innovative smart cities with all factors". In his report, Professor Yang comprehensively elaborated on China's new urbanization development innovation model and pan China's theory and practice in the field of smart city construction and development. Smart city development is a process of integration, reconstruction and reconfiguration of all factor resources. In actual construction, it is necessary to organically combine the three systems of smart development, smart construction and smart operation, discover urban demand and creative demand, find the industrial driving force of innovative development, and integrate, reconstruct and reconfigure factor resources such as industry, finance, science and technology, talent, Internet big data, ecology, transportation, land, etc, With the new economic means of organic superposition of industry + capital + space + big data interconnection, we will realize the transformation of the old and new driving forces of smart city development and the connotative, innovative and intensive sustainable development of smart city. Finally, Professor Yang said that Pan China group is willing to jointly build an ecological soil and a smart platform to rebuild a smart city brain. Together, we will provide future urban smart development, smart construction, smart operation and other system solutions

Chen Junlong, vice president of the Chinese society of automation and Chair Professor of the University of Macau, gave a report titled "focusing on AI and leading industrial technological innovation". Professor Chen pointed out in the report that in terms of technology research, industrial application, and basic research, China has established a research and development institution with complete facilities such as an artificial intelligence research and development team and a national open innovation platform, and has successively set up various research topics related to artificial intelligence. The quantity and quality of research and development output have also been greatly improved, and many outstanding achievements have been made. AI innovation and entrepreneurship are increasingly active

Li Lijun, chairman of Cixing robot, director and vice president of Cixing shares, will bring the last report to the conference. His report is entitled "promoting intelligent manufacturing in traditional industries with parallel technology theory". In the report, chairman Li Lijun introduced and analyzed how to apply the parallel technology theory to the intelligent manufacturing of textile, shoes and clothing and 3C industries based on the engineering application practice of Cixing Co., Ltd. Guided by the theory of parallel technology, Cixing Co., Ltd. comprehensively applies artificial intelligence technologies such as industrial robot technology, IOT technology and machine vision, maps and integrates virtual cloud factories with highly automated physical factories, and constructs a global distributed production management platform based on industrial interconnection, which makes the large-scale flexible production of knitted shoes and clothing products possible, and not only improves the production efficiency, At the same time, the production cost is also reduced, and the number of workers is greatly reduced. The project is also listed as a national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project by the Ministry of industry and information technology

in addition to setting up the conference report, this summit also held two theme forums in the afternoon of the same day, and invited 17 guests from the front line of scientific research and industry to have a dialogue on the frontier research of artificial intelligence and industrial practice, on driverless, machine learning, data mainly applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials Technological innovation exploration and industry development in blockchain and other aspects can be seen in sinusoidal and rectangular waves. Common simple sensors 1 generally produce rectangular waveforms; However, Xie shared his opinions and suggestions on the development of China's future intelligent industry

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