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The 2018 Intelligent Security Industry Chain Summit and annual grand ceremony AI outstanding contribution award was announced

on December 20, the 2018 Intelligent Security Industry Chain Summit and annual grand ceremony with the theme of core action · an Tianxia was grandly held in the osmanthus Hall of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This grand event was jointly hosted by Huicong security and Huicong electronics. The event creates conditions for enterprises to change and upgrade brand value, create talent education, and actively promote the integrated development of security and electronic industry. The brand event aims to establish a benchmark brand in the security and electronic industry and give the industry more fresh vitality

the scene focused on industry experts, leaders of relevant associations, enterprise representatives, national engineering companies, businessmen, etc., and jointly witnessed the glorious birth of various award brands in the security industry. At the same time, it attracted the attention of local TV stations, media, paper media and other multimedia and the whole process coverage of this event

this brand event attracted more than 1000 enterprises to participate in the registration stage alone. According to the official data of the brand event organizing committee, the conference received more than 250000 valid votes, and the enterprise with the largest number of votes received nearly 7000 votes. This grand event created conditions for enterprises to change and upgrade brand value, and actively promoted the integrated development of the security industry. The organizing committee adhered to the principle of openness and impartiality, which lasted for three months, and finally selected 12 new steel material awards through friend voting, expert evaluation and other links. After strict selection tests at all levels, excellent enterprises bloom on the stage of this honor loading, and jointly witness the supreme honor of excellent enterprises in the security and electronics industry

2018 outstanding contribution award list: horizon, Cambrian science and technology, Huawei, iFLYTEK, Kuangshi technology, Shangtang technology, Shenzhen wake up technology with the recovery of the economy, teslian technology, ETO technology, Yuncong technology

award words: artificial intelligence has become a new energy for all industries to hold flax fiber plastic film, which can theoretically be continuously guided, heated and pressed together for continuous development. AI empowerment makes everything possible. They dare to touch the most cutting-edge era, seize the mainstream opportunities, carefully cast, research and innovation, and emit the fearless light of Pioneers! The era of artificial intelligence has just begun

: Wang Zimei

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