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2018 is the first year of ar. giants such as apple and Google have made great efforts

in 2017, Google and apple laid a solid foundation for AR's greater ambition, but when the attractive ar glasses will come is still unknown

this year, hundreds of millions of iPhones and Android will be updated to provide high-quality ar experience based on arcore and arkit. Ar stickers on pixel can add interesting robots and stormtroopers to photos and videos. At the same time, Apple also implemented animoji with face tracking technology on iPhone X

however, in presenting charming AR on the screen, he also pointed out that there is still a considerable technical gap between experiencing and directly feeling AR with both eyes. Magic leap will launch its first AR glasses product in 2018, and Microsoft is likely to launch the next generation of hololens in 2019. Due to the high price (US $3000), hololens can only be applied to very limited scenarios, such as industrial training for enterprises to improve their ability to control the upstream raw material market

the limited field of view, high cost and the size of the hardware itself are too large. After the new machine arrives at the factory, there is still a way for the AR experience to enter the mainstream market. It may still be several years before we have ar assistants everywhere. Maybe we already have some ar head display products, such as ODG and meta, but these products are still very expensive, and the system is not suitable for ordinary consumers

"the quality of the field of view and the screen itself is not enough to meet the standard," Apple CEO Cook said when talking about AR last year

Cook said in an interview with the independent, "I am sure that the technology to build high-quality ar glasses does not exist at present. The necessary display technology and the technology that can put enough information in front of you are facing great challenges."

magic leap's products look very Steampunk and huge, even if the product adopts a split design. Rony abovitz, the founder and CEO of the company, has raised nearly $2billion for the company since 2013, including a huge investment from Google

but even if magic leap can really deliver products as scheduled in 2018, it is not perfect

"I spent several minutes holding a credit card in front of me and trying to describe the size of this invisible frame with my other hand. But this credit card is too small," Rolling Stone magazine Brian crecente described the size of the field of view of magic leap one. "I can only do this in the end: the viewing angle is almost the size of the shielding range of the VHS video when I hold it half out in front of me. It is much larger than the field angle of hololens, but it is not satisfactory."

therefore, if the first product of magic leap is not perfect, and Microsoft will not announce its second-generation products until 2019, when it has a long cooperation with Jiangsu Yihang Auto Parts Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Bandung Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and other auto parts suppliers, where will the AR industry go in 2018? In this year, the excitement surrounding ar will certainly continue to heat up, but at present, the vast majority of people still can only feel ar through the screen

in AR, we also face many technical difficulties, including how to reduce the size of AR glasses, how to maximize the processor performance and extend the battery life. At the same time, the effect of using close-range objects to mask long-range objects is still lacking in mobile terminal Ar at present. At present, we can let you stand next to a storm soldier, but pixel can't recognize whether you are walking in front of him. This is necessary to provide a better ar experience

magic leap's products were even designed to be used indoors at the beginning. There are also huge technical problems for the smooth use of AR head display in any corner of the real world

vr 2018 began with the popularity of all-in-one machines, such as oculus go at $200 and many wireless solutions. The recent case of a Russian player who died playing VR shows that both VR and AR need to understand the indoor and outdoor environment, and we must increase the safety and availability of the equipment

in 2018, tens of millions of people will be exposed to VR and AR, but at present, only VR may reach the sales volume of tens of millions

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